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Some of the common lubricant usage gaps:

Gap 1: Using multiple vendors.
Solution: A Fluid Management Program allows you to employ lean management practices for lubricant usage by dealing with one company to: purchase new lubricants, monitor lubricants while in use and disposal of waste lubricant by-products.
Gap 2: Infrequent lubricant change-outs.
Solution: A Fluid Management Program ensures optimum lubricant usage in order to maintain product quality, employee health, and lengthen equipment life.
Gap 3: Too frequent lubricant changes.
Solution: A Fluid Management Specialist can recommend a better lubricant for an application while staying within OEM maintenance guidelines.
Gap 4: Environmental Compliance
Solution: A Fluid Management Program ensures your wastes are stored, handled and disposed of in accordance of Ministry of Environment guidelines.

Home Fluid Program M.O.E.
I.C.E.ís Fluid Management Program can help your company to streamline operations by
identifying and closing any lubricant gaps. I.C.E.ís clients enjoy both the intangible benefits
of simplified purchasing, and environmental piece of mind, and the tangible benefits of
saving time and money. To find out how a Fluid Management
Program can work for your company, call I.C.E. at
416-421-5183 or email info@icefms.ca

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