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18 Rykert Crescent, Toronto, ON, M4G2S9 • Phone: 416.421.5183 • Fax: 416.759.0247 • Email: info@icefms.ca
I.C.E. Inc. Fluid Management
Services includes virgin product
delivery and environmental waste
Our services include:
  • Providing virgin lubricating oils and coolants
  • Parts washer leasing and servicing
  • Environmentally friendly spill absorbent products available
  • In process oil analytical services
  • Waste sampling, analytical testing and M.O.E.
  • High pressure power washing and pit/trench cleaning
  • Confined space entry
  • Lab-pack services
  • Prescheduled or immediate response vacuum
    truck and box truck services for liquid and solid
    non-hazardous/hazardous waste disposal

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